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OpenLayers 2.10 Beginner's Guide

The aim of this book is to provide a guide for beginners and also serve as a reference for OpenLayers. Sprung from my blog posts on OpenLayers, it has been a bestseller for two years at Packt Publishing.

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Five Labs

Five Labs is an experiment from my startup, Five. We used a scientific model to predict your personality from your Facebook wall posts.

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Fantasy Map Design

Interactive map of Earth, designed with a fantasy aesthetic.

Mapnik, Tilestache, Natural Earth.

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Guild Wars 2 Visualization

This was an experiment with SVG filters and D3. It shows the distribution of gender, race, profession, and tradskill choices for Guild Wards 2 players.

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Zombie Survival Experiment

Until death, you control human or zombie offspring. Made in a month for GitHub's 2012 GameOff.

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OpenLayers Architect

A GUI interface for generating JavaScript code for OpenLayers. Google Summer of Code, 2008.

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