ATI / NVidia Dual monitors with Ubuntu 8.04

Monday, July 21 2008

10 minute read

This is outdated - newer versions of Ubuntu support dual monitors out of the box

Set up dual monitors in Ubuntu 8.04 for both ATI and NVidia based graphics cards without configuring xorg.conf or manually editing any other files. This should work for most ait or nvidia based dual monitor setups with Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron.


We'll follow some simple steps.

Step 1. Download EnvyNG

  • Open Synaptic Package Manager (System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager)
  • Download 'envyng-core' and 'envyng-gtk'
Core is the actual program
Gtk is the GUI frontend

Step 2. Use EnvyNG

  • Open EnvyNG (Application > System Tools > EnvyNG)
  • Download appropriate drivers
This may take a while
Reboot once installed

Step 3. Configure Video Card


  • Open Nvidia’s control panel (System > Administration > NVIDIA X Server Settings)
  • Enable TwinView. Click 'Configure', select TwinView, and click 'OK'
  • Specify options based on your monitor setup. Select a default monitor. Chose physical monitor positions
  • Click 'Save the X Configuration File' and click save on the popup
  • Reboot


  • Located in either of these places
    • (System > Administration > ATI / Catalyst Settings)
    • (Application > System > ATI / Catalyst Settings)
    • (Application > Other)
  • If not in any of these places, open it through the command line using 'amdcccle'
    • Press alt + f2, enter “amdcccle” in the prompt box, and hit enter
  • Open the display manager and click the display modes tab and change the select mode to big desktop.
  • Apply the settings, click ok, and close the control panel and restart your computer.

Step 4. Screen Resolution

  • Open the Screen Resolution options
    • System > Preferences > Screen Resolution
  • Ensure “Clone Screens” is not checked
  • Select the resolution with the largest width
    • e.g. 2960 x 1050
  • Apply Settings and reboot


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